Sweetie the Cat
Smokey the Cat


Growing up…

Cat grows!


Again, Aristotle’s 4 Causes are just words I saw on a web site (you tend to see a lot of things on the Web). Marlon is the white clockwork mouse, by the way.

Aristotle's 4 causes, perhaps.

To be continued…

Smokie with the same old grudge!
Smokie has a thing about clockwork mice! (and he’s not heard of Aristotle.)


Cats' threesome
Memories of the blessed Diana and that interview.

Education and training

Can't train a cat but...
Cat on my hat

Advanced work

Cat can spell


Cat knows Greek legends

Experimental science

Flat earth cats
Oh dear, the cats might be flat-earthers (they’re not anti-vaxxers – get no choice!)

Life can be a pain in the behind

Cat and the pea


Cat ventilation hazard

Tech stuff

Cat doesn't get WiFi

A high level warning

Cat up a big tree

Dietary concerns

The cat on your shoulder
Cats are not vegetarians.

On the level

Cat is on the level


Cat up a tree


Cat studies bible

Sunset Blvd delusions

Old dude photobombed me


These do well in a pot1


Cat helps with dishwasher

I’m STUCK!! (honest)

Cat "stuck" on roof

And now, deep time ago isn’t it!

Gallé cats

Galle cats
Real Gallé cat: credit to

In the museum we had a number of Gallé cats. StJohn Child (right) and yours truly made a collecting box based on the cats (the real cats are actual cat size, by the way and rather valuable!) The cat we made had a recorded voice triggered by a proximity sensor (PIR) which said such things as “More cash for the kitty” and “Eight out of ten cats prefer a cash donation” in a voice possibly inspired by a Walt Disney film. In between these powerful utterances, it purred loudly (or as near as I could get to imitating a purr!) The digital voice module was from the much missed Maplin Electronics which had a shop early on in Brighton.